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The first stop in getting your online degree is our web site. We are confident that you will find the information that you need to pursue your studies from home, work, school, or even the middle of nowhere through the wonders of modern communication and the internet. Technology has freed many from the burden of regular classes, the need to show up at a specific time, every day, just to be physically present, even though you can study on your own and learn the material just as well while sitting comfortably at the beach…

With the goal of beach side education now a reality, we would like to invite you to consider pursuing your degree at one of these fine institutions which offer online degree programs. There are always programs available in your local area as well, but if you really feel the need to sit at the beach and stare off into the waves as you study and ponder your homework, then an online curriculum is *exactly* what you need.

Online degree progams are available from many different high quality schools across the country, and most of these programs do not require you attend a local college campus, or facility for teaching. Students typically study and do the coursework at their own pace, which is ideal for many people in todays hectic world.

To start exploring a few of the opportunities in Online education, check out our information on undergraduate degree programs and graduate degree programs.

The undergraduate section of our site has links to both two year associates degree programs as well as four year bachelors degree programs.